Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Heating and Cooling Surge Protectors, are they Worth it?

We get this question every so often and the answer is YES!  Most folks will take the time and money to protect their computers because they don’t want them damaged in a storm or when utility work may cause their power to go out and then back on and then out etc. These power surges can cause significant damage to sensitive electronics. Some folks say,” my insurance company will pay, so I don’t worry about it.”   Others figure it hasn’t happened to them yet, so it probably won’t, Really?!!  Many times there is no proof that a power surge caused an issue because there may not be any evidence other that the appliance no longer works. Good luck with the insurance company!

I have some folks that have a “whole house surge protector” installed in their panel box and feel they don’t need anything else. It is great they invested in a whole house unit. I would still want a separate device made for my system to add another layer of protection and peace-of-mind.


I would rather have a layer of protection like my computer does protecting my heating and cooling system. I don’t want to be uncomfortable and inconvenienced for days when the heating and cooling guys are scrambling to find replacement parts such as circuit boards, starting devices, motors, etc. for my ac or heating equipment.  Some folks don’t know that there are several control boards (mini-computers) in a heating and cooling system.


It is always a smart thing to have another layer of protection between where the power comes in and the goes to your appliance, computer or air condition or heating system.

Are you protected? I am and I sleep better at night knowing I have another layer of defense watching out for power surges and protecting my comfort investment.

Are these devices expensive? Not at all. You can have one installed for less than $300.00 and help protect your equipment costing many thousands of dollars. The devices connect to the service box on the outside of your house and also on the service box on the indoor unit. They work by taking the excess power and sending it to ground where it is harmless. The installation usually takes less than 30 minutes. We recommend that you get a device for both the inside and outside unit. (Example an AC outside and a furnace inside) If you have a package unit; you would only need one device.


We hope this information was of some help to you. If you have any questions or would like us to install a device for you, please contact us at the number below.