Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Avoiding Water Damaged Ceilings and Floors

Condensate Issues- Avoiding Water Damaged Ceilings and Floors.


Hi everyone, it’s that time of year again where we notice water stains or water dripping through our ceilings or that our carpets or floors get wet by the AC system indoor unit.


What happens is our condensate drain pipes get clogged and the pans overflow with water which goes where we don’t want it to go. The condensate should be going outside our house about 12” or more from our foundations where it can do no harm.

The pipes back up and then the condensate has to go somewhere. That somewhere is our floors and ceilings. This makes quite a mess because our AC systems can remove enough condensate water to fill four five gallon buckets of water a day!

Condensate overflow causes issues every year because our drains get clogged by insects or debris.


The good news is that this unsightly mess can be avoided. How?

1.      Have routine maintenance performed on your system. Part of the maintenance is to clean and clear the condensate pans and drain pipes. The indoor coil is also cleaned which can contribute to debris in the pipes that can cause a clog. The technician will also inspect the pipes to be sure that they slope downward and drain correctly.

2.      Have a safety shut-off device installed for both pipes. These devices have a float switch built in which will rise and make an electrical contact which will shut off your AC system so it cannot produce any more condensate. These devices are a proven success to save your home from water damage caused by condensate overflow issues. These devices are also now a “city code” requirement for all new installations in most states. If you don’t have a coil or pan switch device installed in your system; we highly recommend one be installed ASAP!

3.       If you are a DIY person, be sure to “suck” out your drain lines periodically to help avoid problems. This is not a cure all for condensate issues though. A professional inspection, cleaning, and condensate shut-off devices will solve most future issues.

The only situation that won’t be solved by a shut-off device is a broken or disconnected pipe. This is where a professional inspection is needed.


Bottom-line: Have your system maintained by a professional HVAC company and have a shut-off device installed and say goodbye to your potential water damage issues caused by your AC.


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  2. Thanks for the tips. I definitely want to avoid having a leaky roof or water damage in my home. I just barely got my home situated and it would be very unfortunate to deal with water damage. I already dealt with water problems from the water heater in the apartment above me before I moved in. http://www.comfortzoneheatnair.com/Heating-and-Cooling-Systems-Elmira-NY.html

  3. I will definitely have to have some maintenance done on my HVAC system. This will probably include my air conditioning as well as my furnace. I don't want to come across any issues in the future. I'm sure the best way to avoid this is by regular maintenance.

  4. I will definitely have to have some maintenance done on my HVAC system. This will probably include my air conditioning as well as my furnace. I don't want to come across any issues in the future. I'm sure the best way to avoid this is by regular maintenance.

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  7. Thank you for the advice. As a teacher, I grade my students' papers in a room where the ceiling tends to get wet in different areas. I've had to move to a less convenient area so that my computer or my papers and folders don't get wet. I will definitely need quality service soon.

    Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech HVAC

  8. Water damage cost my family a good deal of time and money when a hurricane ran through our neighborhood a few years ago. It did teach us a lot about waterproofing, flood insurance, and planning for the potentially rare events, like storms. I didn't realize at first just how a floor waterproofing process would work.

    Shayne Gustafson @ Berico Heating and Air

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